5 Signs You Should Switch from T-Shirts to Cycling Jerseys

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Do you usually wear a t-shirt while riding your bike? Wondering if you should upgrade to a cycling jersey? Well, the answer varies for everyone, but here are five signs that it's time to get rid of your t-shirt and look for a cycling jersey.

1. You Feel Uncomfortably Sweaty

Bicycling can be hard work, and your body makes sweat to cool you down. However, sweaty skin can get annoying and uncomfortable. Additionally, if you cycle into the evening or after the temperatures drop, the sweat can start to make you feel cold.

T-shirts don't do much to remove sweat from your body, but most cycling jerseys are made with moisture-wicking technology. As a result, the cycling jersey absorbs the sweat from your skin. Then, the sweat wicks to the top surface of the jersey, from which it evaporates into the air.  

2. You Need More Storage

Carrying a bag on your body while you're cycling is not ideal, and the bag can become cumbersome. Saddlebags are great for long trips or overnight excursions, but if you're just taking an afternoon ride, you may want a smaller alternative. Cue cycling jerseys—many of these special shirts have roomy pockets built into the back.

3. You Want a Shirt That's Fitted But Longer in the Back

Riding hunched over your bicycle can cause a lot of shirts to ride up in the back, and depending on how your bicycle shorts fit, this setup may give passersby a glimpse of your butt or lower back. Cycling jerseys are the perfect antidote because they tend to be slightly longer in the back, providing a much-needed dose of modesty.

Of course, you can achieve the same effect with an oversized t-shirt, but then you have to deal with the shirt being loose everywhere else on your body. With cycling jerseys, you get the benefits of a fitted shirt with ample coverage in the back.

4. You Want a Shirt to Match Your Shorts

Most cyclists turn to cycling shorts early in their cycling journey. These shorts come with special padding which provides cushioning on long rides. If you want to match, you should switch to cycling jerseys made of the same material as your shorts.

5. You Want Custom Designs

Finally, you should definitely consider cycling jerseys if you want a custom design. You can have your name, the logo of your cycling team, or countless other special designs printed onto a custom cycling jersey.