Cricket Gear That Can Improve Your Game

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If you are an enthusiastic amateur cricket player, you are probably looking for ways to improve your game. If it's been a while since you purchased your cricket gear it can be well worth heading into the cricket shop to check out some of the gear that has been developed over the last few years.

Bigger and better bats

The growing trend towards bigger bats is making it easier to hit the ball even at the professional levels. This development has particularly trended up over the last few years, so you may be finding yourself behind the competition if you are still using your old and thin bat. 

Newer cricket bats are also being produced with a pretensioned wood insert. This wood insert increases both the sweet spot of the bat and the energy that the ball gets when hit by the bat. Studies by Swinbourne University indicate that this gives the ball an extra 22% velocity when leaving the bat. Using one of these bats can be a great way for amateur cricketers to get a little more oomph and turn their 4 into a 6.

New cricket whites

While the tradition of cricket whites has been slightly changing in amateur cricket, as more cricket clubs are embracing colourful shirts (following the trend from T20 cricket uniforms), many clubs to still rely on traditional while. Wearing some lighter clothing and quick-dry material can be much more comfortable if you are spending hours fielding. If you are more comfortable, it's easier to stay alert and make some dashes if the ball does come your way. Modern sports clothing can help you to wick away the sweat, stay cool and protect yourself from the sun.

Protective gear

With the tragic death of Phil Hughes there has been more focus on protective gear in all levels of cricket. Whilst traditionally helmets, gloves and other protective devices have been heavy and restricted the ability of cricketers to see correctly around them, new helmets are much lighter and designed to allow peripheral vision while protecting players from head and facial injuries. Equally, gloves are able to provide more cushioning and grip with a less bulky styling, which can help both your cricket performance as well as protecting you from unexpected blows and injuries.

This summer, isn't it time to head into the cricket shop and upgrade your cricket gear with the latest and greatest technology so you can play your best game? Contact a representative from a company like Hawthorn Cricket Centre for further information.