Recreational Kayaks | 3 Material Considerations to Purchase a Kayak for Leisure

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Kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy nature and get active because this low-impact hobby doesn't stress out your body too much. Some kayaks are better suited to certain conditions than others, so newcomers to kayaking must consider certain factors when looking to purchase a kayak for leisure. While factors like stability, navigation capability and quality are also important, this guide is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the materials that go into constructing kayaks.

Polyethylene Kayaks

When you're planning to purchase a kayak, keep in mind that flexible material can be tough to crack, but it is also less efficient. Stiff material produces an efficient hull, but is more susceptible to cracking. Polyethylene kayaks are not too flexible or too stiff, giving you a healthy balance of both. Polyethylene kayaks give on impact with any surface thanks to their flexible nature, keeping them from cracking. These types of kayaks are also abrasion resistant and easy to repair. This makes them a good choice for inexperienced beginners who are learning how to navigate a kayak. Since polyethylene kayaks are relatively inexpensive, they are a good choice for leisure kayakers.

Composite Kayaks

Composite kayaks are enormously popular choices with expert kayakers and touring companies because of their lightweight and resilient properties. Composite kayaks come with efficient hull designs and are easier to paddle than kayaks made of other materials, making them a good choice for leisure kayakers. Composite fabrics are used to bring structural integrity to the kayak, while a special epoxy resin is applied to produce rigidity. These types of kayaks usually come with a gel coat for better UV protection. While composite choices are popular because of their lightweight construction, durability and low maintenance, they are more expensive than other kayak varieties. These kayaks are perfect for kayakers willing to shell out a few extra bucks for leisure kayaking.

Thermoformed ABS Kayaks

Thermoformed ABS kayaks are extremely lightweight, making them easy to transport when you need to travel to an ocean or river for kayaking. This type of thermoformed kayak construction is made from acrylic laminated plastic, producing a glossy finish that looks similar to composite kayaks in both performance and appearance, but they may not be as light as their composite counterparts. Thermoformed ABS kayaks are abrasion resistant, easy to repair, gouge-resistant and inexpensive, making them excellent for people who want to purchase a kayak for leisure.

When choosing to purchase a kayak for your leisure, keep these material considerations in mind. Contact a representative from a company like Wetspot Water Sports to find your perfect kayak.